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Our professional and experienced team is ready to build your dream fence! Choosing our composite fences gives you a significant advantage as well as a solid 10-year maintenance warranty. We offer high-quality wholesale fencing as well as installation. All of the posts and frames are entirely made of aluminium, they are non-faded and mold-resistant for our customers. Our composite fences are available in three different colours: Grey, Teak, and Coffee. We care about our customers and provide them with high-quality service.

Plastic is used by other companies to reduce costs, but all of our products are made of aluminum. 

We provide a 10-year warranty.

Our board is UV-protected, water-resistant, and free of mold.

Our boards are Tong and Groove (joined edge to edge with no gaps.)

We have all certificates (for wind, cold, and hot test results), which makes our product more competent and weather-resistant in Canadian conditions.

We can also make gates to your specifications.

Composite Fence

Modern problems require modern solutions! That is why we decided to create the best and highest quality fences in the world. Moreover, we created not just fences, we created resistance, durability, aesthetics, beauty, and invulnerability in one person.

Aluminum Pergola

With its innovative sense of comfort, it allows you to retract to fully feel the sky. The retractable ceiling of Skyroof Prestige provides an open roof space of %79 of the total covered area, due to the synchronised movement of the creatively designed panels.

Composite Deck

Are you looking to build a deck for your Toronto home – we can help. ProDeckFence are a team of highly experienced deck builders, including some of the best in the GTA. Regardless of if it’s summertime outside or whether we’re in the midst of a cold, rainy, or snowy period, our deck builders are ready to assist you with your deck project.


We are dedicated to constructing only the best projects. With the construction industry rapidly expanding, we are aware of your expectations and will be delighted to assist you in realising your dream decks and fences. Look no further if you want a spotless finished product! We are passionate about creating the best living environment on the GTA area. This will increase your livable area while also allowing you to enjoy your new extended living room outside with amazing view patio with stunning composite fences. Our composite decks and fences are last generation and will suite your dreams.



Composite Deck
Composite Fence

Composite Deck

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Composite Deck

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Composite Deck

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Composite Deck

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Benefits to Composite Fence Panels

Last longer

Standard wooden fence panels would not last as long as synthetic wood panels with reinforced plastic materials. This type of fencing is highly long-lasting and weather-resistant, and it would not let you down.

Natural-looking finish

If you want to make a rugged, timber-like barrier, composite fencing is the way to go. Composite fencing offers a variety of natural finish choices in a variety of colors, allowing you to achieve the look you want.

They are easy to install

Since composite fence panels are lightweight and easy to assemble, they make for a simple and efficient fencing installation.

Rot and mold resistant

Due to the plastic element of the fencing, the fencing does not rot or mold at all. This makes it really easy to look after the fences.

Low maintenance

Composite fence panels not only last a long time and look great, but they also require very little maintenance with some being maintenance-free. You won’t have to fill any gaps in your fence because it won’t crack or splinter.


The fence panels are simple to deal with because of their lightweight honeycomb construction and lack of splinters.

If you need someone to complete the installation of your new fencing, you can phone us to get a quote. We operate in the Toronto area and can assist you with either natural or aluminum options. If you are looking for new fencing, composite boards are probably your best bet. We can even assist if you need gates for security or privacy, and always provide our clients with the best service. You can also visit our website for more info or assistance with the selection of your preferred fencing if you please. So, you can up the appeal and appearance of your owned locations with a range of fencing options to choose from, all with their own unique design.




Mirza did an excellent job in replacing my old fence with this modern composite fence. He is friendly, professional, reliable and reasonable. The job was done within the agreed time frame. It was delivered as promised. Now I have complete privacy in my backyard.

Abdulqadir in Toronto

Demolition Of Old Fence And Construction Of A New Composite Fence I'm really thankful to Mirza and Ali for helping me with constructing a new fantastic modern composite fence. They honestly provided all helful suggestions and support during the project. Moreover, they followed up the situation of the fence 6 months after they finished with no additional charge. I highly recommend PRODECK for any project related to fences and decks as they're qualified and use excellent quality materials.

Joe in Toronto

New Deck Build ProDeck Fence (Ali and Mirza) is an amazing company to work with. I would highly recommend considering this company when planning a deck or fence project. Ali was very reasonable and honest when detailing with the estimate, as well as gave very good ideas and recommendations when planning the work. They are very professional, extremely hard workers, and great workmanship to complete a beautiful final product. Again, I am very happy I went with this company. And they are very enjoyable to be around as well, great personalities.

Ron in Thornhill

Ali gave me a very reasonable estimate, and provided good choices, advice and recommendations. Work started and ended on time. The deck looks great and shows the good workmanship. Definitely a company to consider.

Bill from Thornhill

Remove Old Deck And Add A New One Prodeckfence team did an excellent job; they built a large, sturdy deck, on time and in budget; they are professional, high quality, helpful and supportive. Highly recommend them.

Private User

Deck Build The Prodeck guys, Ali and Mrza, recently built our deck and did a fantastic job. They worked with us to design what we wanted and were efficient in completing the work. Their craftsmanship and attention to detail left us with a finished product we are very pleased with. Would definitely recommend to others.


Employees have many years of experience

We use technology to do the job more quickly

We use high quality materials

Employees are continually trained on safety issues


Make a request, we will call you back and advise on all issues.


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